Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services in Cypress, TX

No matter how proficient you are at what you do, there will be times you and your business require the help of business consultants. We’ve all benefitted from the perspective of a pair of outside eyes from time to time, and Business Capacity Building Consulting (BCBC) is here to be your outside pair of eyes with our expert business consulting services.

We are here to help your business realize your goals and objectives with our business strategy consulting services. This service informs and feeds into our other services so your business can reach its maximum potential. Call our Cypress, TX, office to train our eyes on your business’ path to success.


BCBC is veteran/ woman-owned and operated. Hyacinth Diaz started this company after experience with AT&T, Kellogg Brown & Root Inc, IBM, Raytheon, and Tiburon, to name only a few. Her experience in both military and civilian leadership positions, as well as experience in a wide variety of business sectors, Hyacinth has the expertise to help you aim your business in the right direction, no matter what your business does.

How Can Business Strategy Consulting Services Help?

When you engage BCBC’s business strategy consulting services for your company, you have the full weight of our experience and dedication behind your goals.

We ask all our clients to begin by filling out our Information Request Form. The information you provide us with on this form allows us to get a real sense of who you are, as well as your goals for your business. From this, we do thorough market research in order to develop the perfect strategy with you. We then help you and your workforce to implement those strategies to perfection.

To get our expert business consulting services started and to help you find the path to your business’ success, call our Cypress office at (346) 379-3129.